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Version Map Downgrader

At Layten Hosting we offer this Unique Service

we have developed software to transform the ID of each block and convert it into old versions in this way

The map information is not lost or corrupted

This Process can last several hours for that reason we only convert certain types of Builds


Have you ever encountered this problem?

You try to load a map from a New Version to a Old Version and you receive error

!Server Attempted to load Chunk Saved With Newer Version of Minecraft!

This process can last 1 hour or more depending on the size of the Build.

Version Map Downgrader
Compatible with Multiple Versions
The Procedure is Simple
Enter the Discord and open a Ticket
Specify the Service you want
Compress your map and Upload
Some Web Mega, Mediafire, Google Drive, Gofile,
Send us the Link
Send us the exact coordinates
of each build you want to save and convert
Specify in which exact version you want the builds
The Price May Vary depending on the Size and Hours dedicated to the map conversion