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Designed for Builders and Build Teams

Server Configured for Building

Are you looking for a Professional Server for Building?

Do you want to save time and headaches?

You do not have knowledge of configuration and do not want to waste time? This is your best option.


1. Download and extract the files on your PC.

2. Transfer the files to your Server via SFTP.

3. Upload the DataBase.

Ready in less than 5 minutes you already have a fully configured and functional Server.

Server for Building Pack
Compatible with Multiple Versions
Three Configured Ranks and 45 Configured Plugins and others
Included database and permissions.
The server also has protection against World Downloader, Griefing, Exploits, and other Security Measures.
The server is highly optimized and can Run on 4GB or 6GB of Ram.
Server version 1.12.2 compatible with 1.8 to 1.12.2
โ€œDoes not include paid pluginsโ€
Constantly Server Pack Building
Receive Regular Updates
For more information or questions you can contact us on Discord
If you do not have a Server yet, we invite you to try own host at this Link
Server for Test